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My First Audio Submission is Up!

2010-05-02 16:53:30 by DrMackFoxx

At last, I finally submitted a song I've been holding onto since around 2002. This song is a "Piano Remix" of sorts of the song "Twinkle Cart for Twinkle Park" from the video game Sonic Adventure. I did not want to submit this song for quite some time since it is a modified MIDI sequence, originally put together by John Weeks, who I would call a legend among MIDI composers. I finally got the courage to ask for his permission to post some of his MIDIs that I had modified and I said I could, so long as I give him credit as the person who originally sequenced the MIDIs that I've modified.

My song is up now: "Twinkle Cart Piano" and I'm happy to have been approved by Audio Portal moderators. The only problem I've noticed, is that since my submission was originally on April 25, my song is not displayed among the new arrivals of the Audio Portal. Therefore, I'm getting hardly any feedback or the opportunity for a proper Entry Rank.

Well, I hope the people of Newgrounds come to like my collaborations with John Weeks. I have a few more to submit, in the meantime.

UPDATE: I just added a new song, "Twinkle Circuit Piano" ! I hope people enjoy this one as well. :)

Finally Getting Back Into Animation

2010-04-04 03:48:27 by DrMackFoxx

At last, my brother, Aaraboga, and I are finally going to make a new movie. It's going to be a remake of "Tales From the Toy Chest Short #1- Monsters" with improved animation, voice-acting and other modifications. We also plan to remake "Enter Fluffy" as well as "Miscommunication". This is intended to be a warm-up before we continue our main series as we have not produced a movie in over 2 and a half years. Well, wish us luck! If all goes to plan, "Monsters- Reloaded" shall be released before April 23rd. See ya next time!

New Website!

2009-08-01 04:56:33 by DrMackFoxx

I've finally made a new website! Compared to the old one, the new one is a lot better!


I should have left Tripod.com a long time ago.

A Word for the Wise

2008-07-07 17:30:38 by DrMackFoxx

As I have just learned, should you find a stolen movie in the Portal, make sure to never leave reviews saying the Flash is stolen. Leaving such a review is against Portal guidelines and will get you into trouble.

If you see a stolen movie and it's Under Judgment, always blow the Whistle on it and provide as much information as you can as to why you think the movie is stolen.

However, should that not work and the movie passes Judgment anyway, send Wade a PM so he can deal with the problem. Just giving out a warning so you don't end up getting Review Banned like I was.

Well, I come onto Newgrounds to submit my first Flash in over six months and what happens? Some sort of bug in the new version of Flash Player caused the normally black backgrounds in my movies to turn white! I just discovered this, much to my dismay, after submitting my lastest entry, TftTC Beta #3. I can only bet that this malfuction has cost me a good score. On top of that, I will have to modify and reupload ALL my other movies to fix this error. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? Maybe it's because I'm still using Flash MX 2004 Pro. Oh, well. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I have to go reconfigure and update ALL my other movies...Arrrg and a half!