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This goes out to everyone who has listened to and downloaded the track "Fazbear Necessities" here on Newgrounds:

Thank you all very, very much!

Back in mid- 2014, Recorderdude [Director, lead writer, plus the voice of Sonic and Big the Cat in the animated musical collabs known as Seaside Denied and Metropolis Mayhem from the Sonic Paradox team], decided to make a parody song of sorts about the game Five Nights at Freddy's. The idea was all about having Freddy Fazbear and his animatronic entourage [Bonnie, Chica and Foxy] call up the security guard during the night and sing a song to the tune of "The Bare Necessities", a famous song known best from Disney's animated feature The Jungle Book. The song would then end with Freddy, himself, appearing before the graveyard-shift security guard: singing for a short while before attacking.

kudothehare took care of sequencing the instrumentals for much of this track while Recorderdude wrote the lyrics, voiced Freddy Fazbear and took care of editing and assembling the final project. BobcatXtreme provided the voice of Bonnie, MysticPyroFreak [A voice actress from Sonic Paradox] voiced Chica while I provided the voice of Foxy.

It was soon decided that two versions of the song would be created. Recordedude's intended vision was posted on YouTube [Click here to check it out], which involved filtering and other editing to make it sound like Freddy and his gang were literally calling the security guard. They sang through the phone as they mounted their attack or simply wanted to pay the night watchman a visit.

The other version involved high-quality audio, which was posted here on Newgrounds [Click here to check it out] and also on YouTube with added subtitles, a waveform visualization and a staff roll. [Click here to check out the clean audio, sing-along version of this track on YouTube]

We never imagined this song would take off like it has! To this day, we have no idea whatsoever where all this traffic is coming from! Mainly as the YouTube versions, as of this writing, have not really gotten a lot of traffic. [8,538 views for the original version, 5,749 views on the high-quality, sing-along version]

So, again, to all of you who have checked out and enjoyed this song: thank you so much!

New One-Vote System Now in Place?

2015-07-16 13:35:56 by DrMackFoxx

It would seem a one vote per entry per user system was launched yesterday here on Newgrounds. Vote on an entry and the next time you visit that entry, you will see a message similar to the one below where the Voting Bar was:


Granted, this was talked about in considerable detail months ago with a very extensive article from Tom Fulp himself. No news about this suggests numerous possibilities, such as:

1. This may be a beta or test period and this latest feature may be temporary

2. Newgrounds staff is anticipating massive backlash

While YouTube has been doing a one-vote system since the beginning, this definitely changes the dynamics of Newgrounds in a huge manner, especially since, for better or worse, it's been business as usual for over a decade.

No need to worry about your vote being permanent, as Tom Fulp has stated that you will be able to edit your vote at some point in the future.

Should be interesting to see how this is going to affect Newgrounds short and longterm. In the short term, I imagine this transition is not going to go over very smoothly with users. ^_^;

Project 25: A Sonic 25th Anniversary Project

2015-02-05 21:18:04 by DrMackFoxx


Want to take part of a 25-year anniversary collaboration with The Sonic Paradox Team, the guys responsible for making animations such as the Sonic Shorts Collabs? Then take part of our Project 25!


---What is Project 25?---

Project 25 is a multitude of collab projects, featuring a Music Collab, where remixers from around the world can contribute remixes in their own style for an album, a Picture Collab where different artists worldwide can gather together to create a wallpaper featuring many different Sonic images in their own art style, and a future-planned Gaming Collab, where different LPers can join with us to marathon every Sonic game possible within a 7 day frame!


We did this five years ago with Project 20, which for the most part turned out to be a success! Here is a link to the previous picture collab wallpaper, created by over 100 different artists!



As for our music collab, you can find the full album on our music channel here:

---How can I contribute?---

That's easy! All you need to do is hit up our forums and post what you want to contribute as! For posting, you will need to join the forums, but if you just wish to view content, feel free to remain as a guest.


http://sonicparadox.net/topic/6755440/ - Picture Collab

http://sonicparadox.net/topic/6751422/ - Music Collab


There are rules and stipulations for each collaboration. Individual rules are posted in their respective threads. For more information, send me a PM either here or on our forums, and I will be sure to reply within 24 hours!


If you are submitting either a picture or audio track, make sure it is sent to celestorion@hotmail.com. This email is monitored multiple times a day.


If you do not wish to join the forums, but would still like to be a part of the collaboration, you can contact the project director, CelestOrion, as a middle-man, and he will be sure to make sure the information on our forum is up-to-date. This goes for both picture and music collab.

New Album! 8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux

2013-09-12 20:37:59 by DrMackFoxx

From Sonic Paradox, we present a brand new album!

8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux, which consists of all the music from the Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic 2: remade as piano/electronic remixes and covers!

This compilation was put together within a year by me, Dr. Mack Foxx, EspioKaos and Recorderdude.

We hope you enjoy the music! :)

You can listen to this album in its entirety on YouTube below...
[Note: 720p recommended for best audio quality]

Or, you can download this album for free as high-quality MP3s from the websites below:
SoundCloud MediaFire

You can also download this album for free in lossless FLAC format from the website below!

-Album Info-
File Size = 62 MB MP3/ 234 MB FLAC
Format = MP3 [LAME MP3 Encoder V3.96r] / FLAC V1.1.0
Sampling Rate = 44.1kHz
MP3 Bit Rate = 32-320kbps Variable / FLAC Bit Rate = Unconstrained
Channels = Stereo

MIDIs Composed By: EspioKaos & Dr. Mack Foxx
MIDI Debugging: Recorderdude
Arrangement: Dr. Mack Foxx
Album Art By: SonicRemix
Video Version By: Dr. Mack Foxx & VizardJeffhog

New Album! 8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux

To All My Listeners - Thank you very much!

2013-04-25 05:19:27 by DrMackFoxx

TL:DR Version Near Bottom of Entry

For me, the last 3 months have been something else on Newgrounds. First, a few months ago, getting and then exceeding 300 followers: very surprised and happy to reach this milestone. :) About 3 weeks ago, 3 songs by EspioKaos and I broke 1,000 downloads each!

Sonic- Green Hill Zone Piano
Sonic- Casino Night Zone Piano

To top it all off, the 3rd song to exceed 1,000 downloads, GGSonic1-BridgeZonePiano has shared the spotlight for two months alongside SpaceHarrierPianoRedux in Featured Content under the Audio tab whenever you go to one of the main Audio Portal pages [IE: Latest, Greatest, Popular, etc.] or scroll to the bottom of the page on any Audio Portal submission.

If these two songs being in Featured Content so long is a glitch, then JayTMusicUK , TastyTeo , EspioKaos and I have been very lucky and Newgrounds staff needs to fix this. ^_^;

However, at this point, I do not think this is a glitch. EspioKaos, Recorderdude and I really only put music together for fun. To say the least, being in the spotlight so long has been a wonderful surprise, especially for someone who started submitting music to the Audio Portal back on April 25th of 2010 and, bit by bit. has become more well-known.

Amazing how things have changed in 3 years on Newgrounds. If you had asked me if I would have 86 collabs, made several remakes on my own and even composed a few original tunes and had them all posted in the Audio Portal 3 years ago, I think I would have laughed. ^_^;

Well, to everyone on Newgrounds who has enjoyed my remixes & original tunes plus EspioKaos', Recorderdude's and my collabs together in the Audio Portal, has added said tunes to their Favorites and left awesome & helpful reviews on my music for the last 3 years: thank you all very, very much! :)

It's been 3 awesome years of creating and submitting music on Newgrounds. EspioKaos, Recorderdude and I are far from finished. Plenty of new tunes are in the works, as usual. Do keep an eye out for new releases. :)

In the meantime: again, thank you all very much for 3 great years in the Audio Portal and, hopefully, several more to come!

TL:DR Version of this Article, as Follows:
Thanks a lot for 3 great years in the Audio Portal, fellow Newgrounders! :)

So, me and a bunch of people from Sonic Paradox were doing a live broadcast of a playthrough of Sonic 2 a few days ago. Observe what happens when CelestOrion takes on the boss of Metropolis Zone.

For those of you following me on Newgrounds mainly for music and who also happen to have an account on Twitter, please consider following me: https://twitter.com/DrMackFoxx

I tend to post a lot more updates concerning projects on Twitter VS Newgrounds, so you'll be in the know when new betas are complete or when new tunes have been released either on Newgrounds, YouTube or SoundCloud.

That's all for now. Catch ya on the flip-side! :)

Some New Sonic VGM Remixes!

2013-01-20 17:32:16 by DrMackFoxx

Hello, everyone! :) EspioKaos and I have three new tunes today from the 8-Bit Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic 2.

GGSonic2-BossBattlePiano http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/519965

GGSonic2-CrystalEggPiano http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/519966

MS Sonic2-BossBattlePiano http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/519969

With this, much of the work for John Weeks' and my next album, 8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux, is now complete. All that remains are the two ending credits BGMs plus the game's jingles and short themes.

Hope you all enjoy these tunes! :) Catch ya on the flip-side.

Slowest Week this Year in the Audio Portal?

2012-12-05 00:09:06 by DrMackFoxx

Sure seems like it. o_0 Thought only ParagonX9, among a few others, could monopolize a Best of the Week audio section on Newgrounds.

Yeah. This is ridiculous. Why I ended up with 3 entries in the Featured Content section is beyond me.

Slowest Week this Year in the Audio Portal?

I'm absolutely astounded! My piano/electronic remix of Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest managed to get into the Audio tab of the Featured Content section as 3rd best of the week! ^_^

BloodyTearsPianoRemix: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/508431

[Note: If my song does not show up in the Audio tab of the Featured Content section initially, just click the Audio button a second time to see for yourself.]

It has been a year since the last time I have had a song end up getting featured in some manner on Newgrounds. The last time this happened was October 26, 2011 when John Weeks' and my piano/electronic cover of "Lava Reef Zone Act 2" http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/452034 got a Weekly 4th Place.

I still have have a screen cap of when that happened: http://drmackfoxx.deviantart.com/art/My-Song-4th -Best-of-the-Week-266332563

I find this situation very fitting as Halloween is today. :)

A special thanks to everyone at Newgrounds who took the time to listen to, vote and even review my song! Thank you all very much!

New tracks are in the works, as usual. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Catch ya on the flip-side.