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Fazbear Necessities - Over 25,000 Downloads - Thank You!

2015-07-23 00:29:55 by DrMackFoxx

This goes out to everyone who has listened to and downloaded the track "Fazbear Necessities" here on Newgrounds:

Thank you all very, very much!

Back in mid- 2014, Recorderdude [Director, lead writer, plus the voice of Sonic and Big the Cat in the animated musical collabs known as Seaside Denied and Metropolis Mayhem from the Sonic Paradox team], decided to make a parody song of sorts about the game Five Nights at Freddy's. The idea was all about having Freddy Fazbear and his animatronic entourage [Bonnie, Chica and Foxy] call up the security guard during the night and sing a song to the tune of "The Bare Necessities", a famous song known best from Disney's animated feature The Jungle Book. The song would then end with Freddy, himself, appearing before the graveyard-shift security guard: singing for a short while before attacking.

kudothehare took care of sequencing the instrumentals for much of this track while Recorderdude wrote the lyrics, voiced Freddy Fazbear and took care of editing and assembling the final project. BobcatXtreme provided the voice of Bonnie, MysticPyroFreak [A voice actress from Sonic Paradox] voiced Chica while I provided the voice of Foxy.

It was soon decided that two versions of the song would be created. Recordedude's intended vision was posted on YouTube [Click here to check it out], which involved filtering and other editing to make it sound like Freddy and his gang were literally calling the security guard. They sang through the phone as they mounted their attack or simply wanted to pay the night watchman a visit.

The other version involved high-quality audio, which was posted here on Newgrounds [Click here to check it out] and also on YouTube with added subtitles, a waveform visualization and a staff roll. [Click here to check out the clean audio, sing-along version of this track on YouTube]

We never imagined this song would take off like it has! To this day, we have no idea whatsoever where all this traffic is coming from! Mainly as the YouTube versions, as of this writing, have not really gotten a lot of traffic. [8,538 views for the original version, 5,749 views on the high-quality, sing-along version]

So, again, to all of you who have checked out and enjoyed this song: thank you so much!


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2016-05-03 20:24:56

Wow dude, this is really a great song!

DrMackFoxx responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this collab. :)


2016-12-03 13:33:32

How ya doin'?