New One-Vote System Now in Place?

2015-07-16 13:35:56 by DrMackFoxx

It would seem a one vote per entry per user system was launched yesterday here on Newgrounds. Vote on an entry and the next time you visit that entry, you will see a message similar to the one below where the Voting Bar was:


Granted, this was talked about in considerable detail months ago with a very extensive article from Tom Fulp himself. No news about this suggests numerous possibilities, such as:

1. This may be a beta or test period and this latest feature may be temporary

2. Newgrounds staff is anticipating massive backlash

While YouTube has been doing a one-vote system since the beginning, this definitely changes the dynamics of Newgrounds in a huge manner, especially since, for better or worse, it's been business as usual for over a decade.

No need to worry about your vote being permanent, as Tom Fulp has stated that you will be able to edit your vote at some point in the future.

Should be interesting to see how this is going to affect Newgrounds short and longterm. In the short term, I imagine this transition is not going to go over very smoothly with users. ^_^;


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2015-07-16 13:49:10

Personally I think it would be a good idea if you could undo your vote and change it later. You'd still have one vote, but at least you could change it if you accidentally hit the wrong number.


2015-07-16 14:38:28

Oh well. It's been a good run. Time to find a new distributor.


2015-07-16 15:36:00

Well youtube also gets away with implementing changes without much fanfare so why not, if people don't like it we'll talk it over as usual.

Next on the list, democratising and/or automating the front page featured audio in the same manner games and movies get picked daily, i can't wait :D


2015-07-16 16:02:46

You'll ultimately be able to edit your vote, this was just the first step in the change. I'll be making a post about it shortly! Was waiting to see if there would be one more update to announce but probably not.

DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah! That explains a lot and is definitely some good news. Thank you! :)


2015-07-16 19:37:32

i would prefer many votes per flash movie/game, because down-voters can keep a permanent 1 vote-0 at good movies, and this would be bad.

unless im getting this in the wrong way.

DrMackFoxx responds:

Well, an advantage, in theory, is that front-paged and Featured Content as a whole can no longer be down-voted on such a large scale. You can't help anything that's been down-voted into oblivion, but at least damage ought to be considerably reduced to newer content.

Hard to say how this will all pan out as the Audio Portal was once on a one-vote system years ago and the upper scores tended to be 3.5/5


2015-07-16 20:54:32

It'd be cool if we had some kinda spotlight thing for folks who got zero-bombed back when it could be spammed so that a larger amount of viewers could go back and give them proper scores. FIVES FOR THE FALLEN or something like that, hah. I can't imagine the majority of people viewing the spotlight event would be zero-bombers, so it might help to set those old scores closer to right, even though the zero-bombers would jump right on them too. Either way though you're right, they still are getting kinda screwed versus folks who release content now.

More than that I'm looking forward to enhancements on the review system. Honestly, though folks might not agree with me on this, I'd prefer a regular comment system. I've brought this up a couple of times, but as a voice actor I'd love to reply to people. Maybe even like a dropdown menu on a comment "See collaborator replies" so that eighteen collaborators replying wouldn't result in one comment per page, with the uploader's reply still being on display.

You know, for me, I don't really put much value in numerical scores on art pieces. And even if I did, I don't really see myself as someone who has any right to "review" a piece. I get that we're trying to provoke thoughtful commentary, but I mean, look at the "reviews" on most flashes anyway.

Maybe an option to choose to leave a review OR just a comment, I dunno. I'm no web design guy, I just know that I personally am more interested in letting someone know that I really liked one little thing, or didn't like some other, without having to play judge on a whole piece, and leaving that remark is my one shot to permanently etch that as my only statement on the piece into public history. Hah, that's a lot of gravity for a little comment! Also, editing would be nice.

Again I know Newgrounds isn't and shouldn't be YouTube, so I could be wrong about what I want to do with it. As it stands I get to do what I want anyway with my comments, so it's all good. Still longing for collaborator replies though...


2015-07-16 23:27:06

Backlash? In order to have a backlash, you actually have to have viewers and users. Newgrounds no longer has either. They can implement this program now because there is nobody to complain about it anymore. Kinda like painting the hallways of an abandoned apartment complex; there's nobody left to bitch about the choice of color anyways.

NATA submits are getting 800-1000 views, regular submits are getting 159-300. This is the true death of Newgrounds, the only people left here are a bunch of "artists", many of them dead end kids that don't want to grow up and get a real job and got an art degree, and think they can launch their career from here. There are no longer any regular people to watch, listen, or view anything anymore, the core of any website is its main viewer traffic, and the viewers are all gone. Just a bunch of "artists" posting and backslapping one another, thinking that Newgrounds will give them "exposure" or they are in a "Community". Both of which are lies. A bunch of 20 something hipster dipshits posting their art school films and talking about "art" does not constitute a vibrant "community" of artists who help and promote each other. There is no exposure in a dead website nobody views or cares about anymore.

Newgrounds has been in decline for many years, and its end is getting within sight. The place has become increasingly poor to the point that all of the old people have left, and has become so obscure it can't attract new viewers. Newgrounds is just a memory of something great, and as that memory fades, there won't be a single thing to hold anyone here. This fate is predictable, and any old schooler here would have seen this coming many years ago.

Don't worry about the vote system. It doesn't matter anyways.


2015-07-17 11:53:53

But I enjoyed down voting people that I hated on a daily basis:(


2015-07-23 12:44:53

I just want to type that I liked the old voting system better. Now it's seems to me that I can vote on Flash once and wait the next day, but for art and music, it's only once! Dam I would rather have an old voting system back.


2015-07-25 20:48:20

I got my shit ratings up to 3 because of the old system.


2015-12-02 05:23:36

eventually you will run out of stuff to vote for, since we have to vote 5 times a day to to level up


2017-02-11 09:46:38

Please let me know when they fix this. As long as ads exist and cause the whole page to jump, I need a way to correct botched votes.


2017-08-13 17:43:03

i'm late, like super late, but you can change your vote number by writing a review and selecting your rating above