New Album! 8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux

2013-09-12 20:37:59 by DrMackFoxx

From Sonic Paradox, we present a brand new album!

8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux, which consists of all the music from the Master System and Game Gear versions of Sonic 2: remade as piano/electronic remixes and covers!

This compilation was put together within a year by me, Dr. Mack Foxx, EspioKaos and Recorderdude.

We hope you enjoy the music! :)

You can listen to this album in its entirety on YouTube below...
[Note: 720p recommended for best audio quality]

Or, you can download this album for free as high-quality MP3s from the websites below:
SoundCloud MediaFire

You can also download this album for free in lossless FLAC format from the website below!

-Album Info-
File Size = 62 MB MP3/ 234 MB FLAC
Format = MP3 [LAME MP3 Encoder V3.96r] / FLAC V1.1.0
Sampling Rate = 44.1kHz
MP3 Bit Rate = 32-320kbps Variable / FLAC Bit Rate = Unconstrained
Channels = Stereo

MIDIs Composed By: EspioKaos & Dr. Mack Foxx
MIDI Debugging: Recorderdude
Arrangement: Dr. Mack Foxx
Album Art By: SonicRemix
Video Version By: Dr. Mack Foxx & VizardJeffhog

New Album! 8-Bit Sonic 2- Piano Redux


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2013-09-26 19:59:33

Awesome album! I'm downloading it right now!
Keep up you good work!

DrMackFoxx responds:

Most excellent! Glad you really like the album! Thanks a lot for checking it out. :) More tracks are indeed on the way. ^_^


2014-06-03 07:36:16

Awesome! :D