To All My Listeners - Thank you very much!

2013-04-25 05:19:27 by DrMackFoxx

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For me, the last 3 months have been something else on Newgrounds. First, a few months ago, getting and then exceeding 300 followers: very surprised and happy to reach this milestone. :) About 3 weeks ago, 3 songs by EspioKaos and I broke 1,000 downloads each!

Sonic- Green Hill Zone Piano
Sonic- Casino Night Zone Piano

To top it all off, the 3rd song to exceed 1,000 downloads, GGSonic1-BridgeZonePiano has shared the spotlight for two months alongside SpaceHarrierPianoRedux in Featured Content under the Audio tab whenever you go to one of the main Audio Portal pages [IE: Latest, Greatest, Popular, etc.] or scroll to the bottom of the page on any Audio Portal submission.

If these two songs being in Featured Content so long is a glitch, then JayTMusicUK , TastyTeo , EspioKaos and I have been very lucky and Newgrounds staff needs to fix this. ^_^;

However, at this point, I do not think this is a glitch. EspioKaos, Recorderdude and I really only put music together for fun. To say the least, being in the spotlight so long has been a wonderful surprise, especially for someone who started submitting music to the Audio Portal back on April 25th of 2010 and, bit by bit. has become more well-known.

Amazing how things have changed in 3 years on Newgrounds. If you had asked me if I would have 86 collabs, made several remakes on my own and even composed a few original tunes and had them all posted in the Audio Portal 3 years ago, I think I would have laughed. ^_^;

Well, to everyone on Newgrounds who has enjoyed my remixes & original tunes plus EspioKaos', Recorderdude's and my collabs together in the Audio Portal, has added said tunes to their Favorites and left awesome & helpful reviews on my music for the last 3 years: thank you all very, very much! :)

It's been 3 awesome years of creating and submitting music on Newgrounds. EspioKaos, Recorderdude and I are far from finished. Plenty of new tunes are in the works, as usual. Do keep an eye out for new releases. :)

In the meantime: again, thank you all very much for 3 great years in the Audio Portal and, hopefully, several more to come!

TL:DR Version of this Article, as Follows:
Thanks a lot for 3 great years in the Audio Portal, fellow Newgrounders! :)


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2013-04-25 11:38:45

I am happy to hear of all ur successes and cant wait to hear what u have planned to make.


2013-04-25 11:40:50

yay !:D


2013-04-25 11:40:55

yay ! :D


2013-05-09 22:48:53

you da bess


2013-08-21 23:29:44

You've provided some great remixes, cheers man! :)