Slowest Week this Year in the Audio Portal?

2012-12-05 00:09:06 by DrMackFoxx

Sure seems like it. o_0 Thought only ParagonX9, among a few others, could monopolize a Best of the Week audio section on Newgrounds.

Yeah. This is ridiculous. Why I ended up with 3 entries in the Featured Content section is beyond me.

Slowest Week this Year in the Audio Portal?


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2012-12-05 00:32:14

Yikes, I don't know!
The featured audio at the bottom of the page doesn't change much, either..


2012-12-05 10:26:01

IMO they should revise the whole featured bar:

1) They need to highlight the category that is being shown so that the viewer knows what the list is referring to.

2) Instead of "Users", it should say "user news". It took me clicking on a link that I had no idea where it went to in order to figure it out.

3) Navigation feels clunky and sluggish... unlike the rest of the website. I'm willing to bet most people don't bother navigating the featuredContent bar, but I figured I'd point it out.

4) Agreed that something needs to be put into place to keep the content in the FeaturedContent bar fresh. Good content should remain longer, of course, but ya gotta draw a line somewhere.


2012-12-06 20:22:58

lulz, good week for you! :P


2012-12-10 10:36:49

ytfru hating on urself? dude... just accept the Lawd's blessings, man, geez...


2012-12-10 23:07:14

Haha nice dude, that's pretty cool! :D