WOW! My Bloody Tears Remix in Featured Content!

2012-10-31 00:29:57 by DrMackFoxx

I'm absolutely astounded! My piano/electronic remix of Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest managed to get into the Audio tab of the Featured Content section as 3rd best of the week! ^_^


[Note: If my song does not show up in the Audio tab of the Featured Content section initially, just click the Audio button a second time to see for yourself.]

It has been a year since the last time I have had a song end up getting featured in some manner on Newgrounds. The last time this happened was October 26, 2011 when John Weeks' and my piano/electronic cover of "Lava Reef Zone Act 2" got a Weekly 4th Place.

I still have have a screen cap of when that happened: -Best-of-the-Week-266332563

I find this situation very fitting as Halloween is today. :)

A special thanks to everyone at Newgrounds who took the time to listen to, vote and even review my song! Thank you all very much!

New tracks are in the works, as usual. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Catch ya on the flip-side.


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2012-10-31 02:39:12

Congratulations! :D Bahaha, after going to the audio tab to look at your song, I realized I'm on there too! XD This is my second time as well, ironically! lol
Love your music. :)


2012-11-02 23:07:13

That's awesome, congrats dude! :D


2012-11-16 22:14:11

Congratulation! and the fact it's one of my fav's track from the series! i hope u have plans for a Simon's theme remix!!