Emerald City Comicon

2012-03-25 12:13:46 by DrMackFoxx

Well, on March 30th I shall be attending Emerald City Comicon, here in Seattle, Washington. :) Here's the main website for this particular con: http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/

I haven't been to a convention since Wizard World in Philadelphia back in 2008 [I think... ^_^;] I do remember that Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew (Actors who were R2-D2 and Chewbacca in the Star Wars films) were there. I saw them, but didn't have the guts to walk up and say anything to them. Ah... missed opportunities.

Anyway, there are going to be quite a few awesome guests on this convention this year. In particular, several voice actors and actresses caught my eye: Tara Strong, Kevin Conroy and Maurice LaMarche, for starters! (Must... get... autographs! ...If I get a chance!)

I was also hoping that maybe, just maybe, some members of Sonic Paradox (The group behind the Sonic Shorts volumes) might also be attending, but sadly, I happen to be the only contributing member of Sonic Paradox living in the Pacific Northwest. ^_^; Although many of the upper-level members of Sonic Paradox are hoping to attend Youmacon http://www.youmacon.com/ later this year. :)

Well, that's all for now. See you all later!


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