Several New Piano/Electronic Covers of Music from Sonic & Knuckles

2011-10-23 04:12:25 by DrMackFoxx

Its been a pretty crazy week for me. Mostly because I was able to put the finishing touches on several more tracks. :) Without further ado, here are 6 more piano/electronic covers, by John Weeks and myself, of songs from the 1994 Sega Genesis classic, Sonic & Knuckles. Hope you all enjoy these.

Sonic-Flying Battery A1 Piano /451561
Sonic-Flying Battery A2 Piano /451562
Sonic-SandopolisZoneA1 Piano /451885
Sonic-SandopolisZoneA2 Piano /451886
Sonic- LavaReefZoneA1 Piano /452032
Sonic- LavaReefZoneA2 Piano /452034

More tracks are on the way. At this rate, I'll probably have a complete fan-album of the music from Sonic & Knuckles before I finish the Sonic 2 album I've been working on! :laughs:

In fact, using the link below, you can download John Weeks' and my Sonic 1 fan-album, called "Sonic the Hedgehog- Piano Redux" from my website, Birdtown Studios. Enjoy!


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2011-10-23 04:15:48


DrMackFoxx responds:

I'll say! It's been a long time since I've released any tracks here. Nice to see that, overall, people seems to like them quite a bit, too. :)


2011-10-25 12:51:09

Sonic 2 album? Awesome ill be sure to buy it

DrMackFoxx responds:

Oh! My and John Weeks' Sonic 2 fan-album is going to be free to download. I don't think we can legally make any money on covers, anyway. ^_^;

I'll keep you posted. If you haven't gotten it yet, please check out "Sonic the Hedgehog- Piano Redux" John's and my Sonic 1 fan-album. :)


2012-01-04 13:09:17

I love your work! I cannot wait to hear/see more! :)

(Updated ) DrMackFoxx responds:

Thank you very much! :) Glad to hear you are enjoying my and John Weeks' songs so much! There indeed are going to be more released before long. :)