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Another Costly Hard Drive Failure...

Posted by DrMackFoxx - June 2nd, 2011

Once again, my computer's internal hard drive has failed me. I guess that's the price I pay for trying to keep a 6+ year old laptop computer running while I desperately try to save up for a new workstation. Last week, I turned on my PC. It had been working just fine the previous day. After I got passed the BIOS screen, all I got was a black screen with a flashing cursor. I tried everything from rebooting to using every trick I could manage from the Windows XP repair console. Nothing worked, so I was forced to again format the drive and start from scratch for the 4th time in the last year. I bet I need a new hard drive, but since a new one will cost anywhere from $100 to $200+ and money is extremely tight for me, I guess I'll just have to tough it out for the next several months until I can finally purchase a new computer. It definitely is going to be a desktop system this time with a 4-year premium warranty.

I thought I had everything backed up: sadly, this was not the case. While I did manage to save practically everything from my hard drive due to a recent backup to an external 2 Terabyte hard drive. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten to backup a folder near the root directory of my PC's hard drive. This folder had ALL the new tracks I had been working on rearranging. From Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 to Sky Sanctuary and Death Egg Zone Act 1 from Sonic & Knuckles, among other things.

The loss of my piano/electronic arrangement of Metropolis Zone is especially nasty as I had put several days of work into it and had nearly gotten it completed. Oh, well...

Note to self: keep your stuff backed up and make doubly certain not to forget anything!

Well, back to the drawing board. Needless to say, any future audio releases from me have now been delayed indefinitely.

Comments (3)

Aww... That stinks, especially since of all the hard work you have done, it must feel hard for all of that work to be destroyed...

At least you have your own computer though!X) I have to share a desktop with my mom and brother who I don't think know as half as I do about the computer, my brother wants to be on more than my mom and my mom is on just to check some things that don't really take up much time at all.

Anyway, I hope you get a new hard drive and laptop sooner than you expected and tell John Weeks I said hello! ^.^

...I will to the unthinkable to that harddrive. And no, I won't score with your computer's hardrive, Foxx.

And nice. My favorite tunes from 2-D Sonic remixes are screwed.

Well man, I know your pain, though for me it's always my external drive that fails me. I have two 250 gb drives, both have conked out on me. I was able to recover the data from the first one, but the second got banged up, and I'm not turning it on again until I have something to transfer all of the data on it to, then I'm getting them both repaired. But, there is no telling ow long that will take. I was just getting used to using fl studio when it went on me, which is why I myself, haven't put anything up in a while. But I do know a website, well a few websites where you can get drives for pretty cheap, new and refurbished. Go to geeks.com and check out their prices. Maybe you won't have to save up for so long.