Several New Tracks!

2011-05-04 01:27:28 by DrMackFoxx

Over the next two days, I am going to submit a total of 6 new electronic/piano remakes of several songs from some Sonic the Hedgehog games. I'll be updating this article as I submit these songs. Keep an eye out for updates and I hope you enjoy these tracks! :)

"Sonic 3- Angel Island Piano A1" /418180
"Sonic 3- Angel Island Piano A2" /418181
"Sonic- Mushroom Hill Piano A1" /418384
"Sonic- Mushroom Hill Piano A2" /418385
"Sonic 2- Aquatic Ruin Piano" /418592
"Sonic 2- Hill Top Zone Piano" /418593


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2011-05-11 19:32:43

all these tracks are amazing


2011-05-11 21:08:12

Question: is it easy to make music like this or not?


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